Is Jonathan Budd an Internet Network Marketing Mastermind?

If you’re in the home based business industry you’ve probably seen his ads and pictures all over the internet. In a pretty short amount of time this young man as been quite successful at branding himself as an expert in and out of the home based business industry. Yet is Jonathan Budd an Internet network marketing mastermind.

I believe you can consider Jonathan Budd an internet network marketing mastermind for the following three reasons.


It’s quite amazing to see this young man have such a clearly defined vision of himself, his company (Empowered Entrepreneurs) and what his role is within the industry. By clearly defining his role, his goals and his ultimate vision of what success means to him has allowed him to master his craft.


Through his own admission when he first entered into the network marketing industry he failed quite miserably. Yet he did something that only 3% of industry chose to do…he empowered himself to find success by becoming a student of direct response marketing.

Combining the strategies of direct response marketing and applying them to internet network marketing he and his team have built a company into the millions of dollars. Now when the topic of online mlm success is mentioned many consider Jonathan Budd an internet network marketing mastermind.

Mastering 2 Major Online Lead Generation Strategies

By far here this is the area in which you can truly see the above two qualities of vision and empowerment come together. He mastered the art of becoming a marketer without coming across as a pushy in your face marketer in the social media and video marketing communities.

Jonathan took the approach of defining and differentiating himself from others within these communities. While others were spamming the communities with “come see my opportunity messages” Jon Budd took a different approach. He created messages that delivered content rich information relevant to the people who heard them.

Social media marketing and video marketing are the two areas many consider Jonathan Budd an internet network marketing mastermind. He not only mastered these areas he also created courses to teach others how to market themselves properly online.

The bottom line is Jonathan Budd exudes the qualities of other extremely successful entrepreneurs, people like Richard Branson, Eben Pagan, Marshall Sylver, Matt Morris. These are all individuals who started from humble beginnings and created large multi million dollar companies based on vision, empowerment and mastering lead generation strategies.

The following quality links them all together…they extensively studied how to maximize direct response marketing. Success leaves clues and you’ll find a lot of clues modelling yourself after someone like Jonathan Budd an internet network marketing mastermind.,