Network Marketing – What is Network Marketing and What Company Should I Choose?

Network Marketing is a business model that is part of the direct selling industry. Independent distributors market and distribute products and services for a parent company, recruits others to their distributor team, then teaches them to do the same. It is also called Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) as a distributor can be paid on several levels. For example, an independent distributor is paid a commission on his own sales revenue, is paid again on his team’s sales revenue (called downline), and so on, down to as many as nine levels.

This type of business model works well for a variety of reasons: the parent company doesn’t have to spend millions of dollars on advertising due to the efforts of their marketers, so they can pay more in commissions; the cost to start a network marketing business is generally low ~ usually less than $500 for a product kit, sales tools and training materials; this is a business that really allows you to be your own boss.

When you are searching for a network marketing company to join, look closely at the type of products/services they are marketing. Are their products of high quality? Are they unique? Are they a passing fad? Are they something a consumer will need and want over and over again?

A quick search on Google turned up over a dozen different product/service categories that are regularly sold via network marketing.

* Health supplements

* Skin Care & Cosmetics

* Legal Services

* Jewelry

* Candles

* Housewares

* Children’s Products

* Telecommunications

* Travel

* Automotive Products

* Financial Services

* Alternative Energy Sources

* Clothing & Accessories

* Home Decorating

* “Green” Products

* Information Products

What interests you? What are you passionate about? Be sure to join a company that has products and services you can believe in. Let’s say you are a nutritional supplement fan and you really want to use all-natural products. Find a company that espouses your ideals, offers products you will want to use and will be excited to share with others. You will be more successful with a company you can be excited about and believe in.

Network marketing is about more than making money and selling products and services. It’s about relationship building…it’s about people…it’s about helping and serving others. Regardless of the integrity of the company, the generosity of the compensation plan or the perfection of the product or service, if your focus isn’t on people and building relationships, you will lose. Networking must be done with People – people working together to reach a common goal.

So take the time to research your prospective company, their products and services, etc… Then be sure you are ready to join the People business.

Article Marketing – Dangle Your URL With Relevant Content and Compelling Clicks

How can you soft-sell your brand to a potential customer, give them something of value and lead them back to your website with multiple avenues and least resistance? Article Marketing offers up mega solutions for creating dynamically targeted visitors who really want what you offer.Did you know that article marketing is the best way to solidify your brand and increase your exposure on the Internet? Every article you submit represents an opportunity to market your link and brand identifying keywords thousands of times over an extended period of time.Web ArticlesBy providing valuable content filled with information your readers are looking for, you bring them in by the trainloads to see more of what you’re offering in your article. Those URL’s get clicks!Article Site MarketingArticle Sites arrange articles by category, so publishers can easily find the articles most relevant to their topic. When their readers get a gander at your article, they click on YOUR link generating traffic to YOUR website.Niche Specific TargetsOnce you determine your specific niche, relevant content in your articles will speak to your niche. You can market directly in the article by giving your targeted niche what they need and ending your article with information as to how they can obtain more than you gave them.Identifiable BrandBy keyword streaming your articles, your specific brand will carry through. Are you a writer? Do you speak? Can your reader find you by searching the keywords in your article? Use keywords relevant to your specific niche.Call to ActionEnd your article with a call to action that compels your reader to click through to your website. Without that click at the end of the article, your marketing piece just sits out there in cyberspace wasting prime real estate.Are you ready to market your business with niche specific well targeted traffic?

How To Control Glare In A Home Office

The sun shining through the window or lights from the street outside can make it difficult to see your computer screen, which is why controlling glare in an office environment is necessary. Glare makes it harder for our brains to process what we are looking at, meaning that glare reduces productivity and increases eye strain. Luckily there are many ways you can control this glare.

Blinds and shutters in Sydney are the best way to control glare in a home office environment. This is because they can reduce sunlight coming into a room while still letting natural light flow through. Screens on windows also help block out some of this harmful light, but window treatments such as blinds or curtains work much better to control glare.

Types of window treatment more suitable for a home office include:

Blinds and panels such as vertical blinds in Sydney.
Cellular, pleated or honeycomb blinds with a roller system is perfect for controlling glare in an office space.
Roller shades are also great because they can be lowered when needed but rolled up to allow more light into the room when necessary.
Curtains typically block out even more of the sun’s harmful rays than cellular window treatments, making them a superior option if you want complete control over your sunlight exposure while working from home. They also work well as an aesthetically pleasing way of hiding clutter on windowsills. If you have children at home curtains help protect their eyes from UV damage too.

In general, it is best to use multiple types of window treatment rather than just one type because this will help reduce the sun’s glare and heat while allowing you to have greater control over how much of light and privacy you really want in the room.