Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Marketing

The Term marketing basically refers to informing about the value, use, benefits and advantages of the product to the customer or buyer. Marketing is divided into 2 categories direct marketing and indirect marketing.It is very important for every business in today’s world to know how to market a product it does not matter if you are selling a hair pin or an airplane you have to market your product. It’s not going to sell itself.What is direct Marketing?Direct marketing is basically a system where once the goods are manufactured and ready for use they are sold directly to the consumer by using different marketing methods that connect the buyer to the manufacturers goods directly, and there are no middle men involved.This is done by connecting to the consumer directly using different modes such as Telemarketing, Email Marketing, SMS, Social Media marketing etc.AdvantagesFrom the point of view of the customer or consumer the advantage is that it does not increase the price of the product that they are buying, compared to products that are not marketed using direct marketing techniques. This would involve a price rise due to commission from retailers and wholesalersFrom the point of view of the manufacturer it gives them exact and proper feedback about their product in terms of customer reviews as they are communicating with the consumers directly and do not have to depend on information from retailers or any other middlemen involved.DisadvantagesThe disadvantage of direct Marketing is that most people do not like to be approached directly by people who want to sell them something. In other words people hate to be sold too, but they love buying. They feel they will find out about a product when they want to buy it.From the point of view of the Marketing executive or Marketing Manager they prefer these Methods of direct marketing because you are not wasting any energy, time, or money as they are reaching out to the potential customers directly.How to use Direct Marketing?If you are interested in using direct marketing techniques for your business then here is a list of a few methods and how you can use them.Email MarketingIn today’s world everyone uses emails to communicate thus sending out an email directly to the person is a very effective way to market, but you have to be careful of not spamming them. You should have permission from the person to email them with offers. You can do this by asking them if they are comfortable in providing their contact information so you could send them an email. But you should remember to always allow them an option to unsubscribe or stop the emails.TelemarketingThis is one method of direct marketing that most people do not like a lot, or do not prefer as they feel they shouldn’t be disturbed anytime of the day asking them if they are interested in buying or using a service or a product. So the best option is to record a voice mail of the offer and send it out to the user and they can block or accept the call according to their wish.SMSAnother method of direct marketing which is very useful in today’s world is sending out a bulk SMS to a list of potential customers this is better than telemarketing as the customer does not get disturbed and can check the text message later when he feels like.According to me direct marketing is very effective and useful. But in order to do that you have to build a good relation with the customer before you start sending out any products or offers that they could purchase.I’d like to help you if I can. I had a great time writing this article, I hope you enjoyed it. I look forward to being in touch with you again soon.

Brian Fanale Review – Is Brian Fanale Really a Network Marketing Rock Star?

So, who is Brian Fanale?

Brian was an unknown and struggling Network Marketer not too long ago. As he has told his story many times, he was broke, frustrated, and working as a bartender and playing music in his own band.

But Brian’s vision was bigger than that!

He tried several different companies in the network marketing industry, but continued to fail. He was so frustrated with his life, and he started to become consumed with studying the top network marketing leaders – and then he swore he would be one of them, no matter the cost.

Brian realized after seeing what the top home business entrepreneurs were doing, that his senior business partners were a joke and could not teach him how to have the success he was desiring.

So, Brian went on a mission and became obsessed with discovering the ‘ULTIMATE SECRET’ that would allow him unlimited prosperity.

There is an old adage that says, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ Brian found the training of another top industry leader and everything just clicked! He achieved success very quickly from that point on.

Fast forwarding to today: Brian now holds a number of records in the NWM industry, and is one of the top earners in one of the biggest Direct Sales companies in business.

So do you want to know which company Brian is aligned with?

He is involved in the Carbon Copy Pro business model. CCP is a system for marketing a business, but it centers on ‘Wealth Masters International’, a direct sales company. Since reviewing Carbon Copy Pro in this article along with Brian Fanale would be information overload, go ahead and visit my website in the signature box for a CCP review.

The comparison between CCP and MLM is very interesting, and can be helpful for you as well.

Brian is the furthest thing from a scam. In fact, if you really want to know, you can call him personally from his blog. His phone number is right on there. He has absolutely nothing to hide. He’s definitely the real thing. A fantastic network marketer and entrepreneur.

So would you benefit from working with Brian Fanale and his team?

Well, this depends completely on what your visions and goals are.

This is because his company is a direct sales company, not network marketing. So I can tell you right now, if you want to build a business that provides a long term, steady residual income, then CCP is not for you.

This is nothing against Brian Finale, as I hold him in only the highest regard, but his goals are to have a business that creates up front cash flow more so than long term residual and stable income.

Now this is why I personally would not be interested in joining Brian in his business, but everyone has different goals. You need to choose a company that is right for YOU.

Will Brian Fanale’s industry training provide you with the tools and knowledge that you need to succeed, regardless of what network marketing company you are a part of?


He has an extensive array of marketing and business skills and will help you immensely and to the best that he can. I would know, because I currently work with him and use much of his system for my own business.

So does Brian keep any ‘secrets’ from us?

Coming from a fellow Home Business/MLM/Network Marketing leader, he absolutely does not! And Brian himself would tell you the same.

What Network Marketing entrepreneurs lack is simply 2 fundamental things:
1. The Right Mindset
2. The Right Marketing Education

In closing, here are some thoughts for you:

If the success you KNOW you can achieve in the Network Marketing profession is still not happening for you, there are ONLY two REASONS why:

1. You don’t have enough quality leads to talk to. (Learn some DECEPTIVELY simple online marketing skill sets)
2. If you do have a consistent lead flow of qualified prospects to talk to, then you must not be calling them.

Either that or you are not using the correct phone approaches.

That’s it! In the most simply terms, that’s it – you have to have enough leads to talk to, and you have to know how to talk to them. If you’re still not making any money but you’re applying these two aspects, then you just need a marketing system that works!

Success In Network Marketing Is About Two Things And Two Things Only

Are you looking for success in network marketing? Success in network marketing comes down to two things and two things only. If you learn what they are and apply them to your business it’s not a question of if you are going to have success in network marketing. It is only a question of how long it will take because success is inevitable.

Network marketing success comes down to mastering the following:

Exposures & Events!

If you want to have long term success in network marketing the key is to master the process of exposing people to the products, services and business opportunity that your company offers and promoting the various events. These are the only two things that matter in order to have success in this business.

The first step to success in network marketing is the exposure process. Your goal as a network marketer is to systematically expose as many people to the products, services and business opportunity that your company offers. I stress the word “systematically.” One of the biggest reasons why people aren’t successful is because they don’t systematically expose people to the products, services and business opportunity.

A systematic exposure is a process in which you follow a proven outlined strategy and system to share what your company has to offer with process. The system usually consists of a contact, a pre-qualification, a presentation, a follow-up and a close. It is important that you follow some type of system to expose people. If you don’t follow a systematic system to exposure, one of two things will happen to your business, neither of which would be good for your long term success.

The first thing that happens when you don’t expose people systematically is you will not have success recruiting people and/or selling product. System stands for “Save Yourself Some Time Energy & Money.” The reason why a system is promoted in your company or by your up line support group is because it works. If you don’t follow the system you run the risk of doing things the hard way.

The second thing that happens when you don’t expose people systematically is that even if you do have success recruiting people and/or selling product, it won’t duplicate down through your group. There’s certainly nothing wrong with you having success and making a lot of money in network marketing. We all join this industry for our own reasons. However, I personally have joined this industry to not only have success but to make money IN SPITE OF me and not necessarily because of me. This cannot happen if your business doesn’t duplicate down through your group.

The second step to success in network marketing is the events process. Events are everything in this industry. Events are the glue that keep your team together. Have you ever seen distributors involved with a company for 3, 4 or even 5 years, not making any money and still just as excited about the opportunity? This only happens as a result of them being plugged into events.

People join this business for the money but stay for the relationships. Events are where these relationships are started, grown and cultivated. One of the best ways you can reduce the attrition in your business is to personally plug in and teach your team to plug into as many events as possible. Plugging into the events is how you get trained, motivated and also how you build the associations that are necessary for long term success in this business.

There you have it, those are the two keys to success in network marketing. If you learn how to consistently expose people to your business, consistently plug into your company events and consistently teach your team how to do the same, you will consistently have success in network marketing.