The Power of the Business Card in Direct Sales

It can be said best by saying direct sales is a “numbers” game. Anyone in direct sales, especially commission sales, knows the more sales you make, the more money you make. This discussion will evolve around the real estate profession. However, the technique using the power of the business card may be applied to any direct sales industry.

In order to sell a product or service, the customer must be aware that you have a product or service to sell. There is an old adage, “You cannot sell a secret”, and it holds true in almost any industry.

New sales people may find selling a product or service even more challenging. They have not built a reputation and usually do not have the marketing dollars to spend on marketing and advertising. It also becomes very costly to market or advertise in publications, magazines, or newspaper ads.

The following story will amaze you. Twenty years ago when I first began my real estate career, I received tickets to the Super Bowl game. When I arrived at the game I sold my $75 ticket for $1000. I could not resist! I did not want to return home so I went out to the trunk of my car and pulled out a box of 1000 business cards. I returned to the long lines and started passing my cards out. In a few hours I passed the entire box of cards out to fans. Over the next 10 months, I quadrupled my sales and made over 6 figures, just from those 1000 cards.

It then dawned on me; the more people that know what you do for a living, the better your chances are of people requesting your services. I added this to my goal setting list, whereby I decided to pass out 1000 business cards every quarter.

Now let’s analyze the numbers for a minute. 1000 business cards will cost you around $100. If your goal was to pass out 1000 cards every 3 months, that is only 10 cards per day. It is said your ROI (Return on Investment) should be 7%. Let’s be a little more conservative and say our ROI is 1%. This would turn 10 new customers into clients every 3 months or 3 new clients per month. You could go as far to say this would generate 40 new clients a year. Wow!

Pass your business cards out to everyone, and I mean everyone. Your waiter when you go out for dinner, the Dry Cleaners, the shoe repair person, the teenage working behind the Taco Bell counter (Hint: His parents might be in need of your services), and the cashier at the grocery store.

The cost of business cards is lower than any other marketing or advertising cost and should be taken advantage of. This is the fastest and most cost effective way to generate leads and referral business. Add this to your written goals and watch your sales skyrocket.

Internet Marketing Online – The Basics

When creating online marketing campaigns there are many diverse components that come together to form the campaign. For the most part, internet marketing needs to include all or at least the majority of these components in order to be successful, and worth the time and effort that is involved in creating it.This article will lay out the assorted components and how they all come jointly to create an successful, valuable marketing campaign that any business owner can be proud of.You must create and and configure your website as the initial step in your marketing campaign.Your website will include an assortment of text, some images, and perhaps even audio and video elements. This gives visitors a transparent picture of your message that you are sending about your company. It will exhibit to potential customers, the features and the benefits of the products or services that your company is offering.Particular websites just have a single squeeze or lead capture page to gather customers details, or they market directly their product or service through the website. These websites are for the most part the same as brochures or mail order catalogs. They are an excellent way to start establishing your venture and getting noticed.Search Engine Marketing is a further strand of internet marketing. This means that a website is marketed through search engines by improving the ranking of the site through search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, or pay for inclusion listings in directories. This is akin to offline advertising that is done through listings in the yellow pages.The next component is Email Marketing. This distributes information on the subject of your products or services, or is used to search out feedback from your customers as regards your products or services through your email. Customers and prospective buyers can supply their email addresses or you can elect to purchase email addresses through lists. There are different email methods that are used together with newsletter distribution or group mailings or even offering your customers special incentives connected to your websites products or services that are being presented. This is equivalent to offline direct mail advertising.Now Banner Advertising which allows for placement of advertisements, which can be clickable, on a website for a charge or maybe a swap ads deal. There are numerous providers that are offering banner advertisements on their websites. It can be a very efficient part of your internet marketing strategy and can enhance your traffic greatly.The equivalent offline would be Newspaper and Magazine advertisements.Press Releases on the internet require a story being written on the subject of a company, products, services, or website. The articles must be relevant, newsworthy, and grab the attention of the reader.If you are not attracting attention, you are not going to find traffic or sales to your website. There are numerous sites on the internet that are centered on press releases.Now we come to Blog Marketing.This is where you place comments, share your opinions, or put together statements on forums. This maybe done through having a blog of your own or by including comments and URLs in blogs that are connected to your business and what you have to market online.The last constituent of internet marketing is Article Marketing. Here you will write article based on your business, and then add them various websites related to articles. It is also possible to outsource the writing of articles, if you do not wish to write articles yourself. Articles are normally spread around the internet and shared with others. Article marketing can impart to you a colossal boost to your business and to website traffic. This can get you a very targeted audience since your articles are individual to what you have to market.As new technological advances appear many new ways to market online will appear, like one of the latest ones Cellphone Marketing. This article is just a brief and basic introduction to the many ways to market online.

Window Treatment and Design Ideas for Tranquillity and Peace

A tranquil and peaceful environment is one that is created by many factors. One very important factor, especially when it comes to windows, are window treatments. Different types of window treatments will create different atmospheres in your home.

Window blinds are an excellent choice for windows that receive direct sunlight. Honeycomb blinds in Sydney provide greater peace in a home because they have fantastic insulating properties and noise cancelling effects as well.

The two most common types of window treatments available today are drapes and curtains. However, not all curtains or drapes will provide the same benefits to your space.

Other possibilities include roman blinds and plantation shutters in Penrith homes, which create a classic elegant style.

You should consider different alternatives depending on what is already present in your home when it comes to furniture and decor pieces. For example, if you have a lot of dark wood furnishings then lighter coloured window treatments may be more suitable. This way the windows will not take away from other features which are already accenting the room such as wooden floors or sofas for instance. Other decor ideas include having a lot of greenery and plants in the home. This can be achieved by using floor plants or even hanging some in baskets from the ceiling to create a more open and airy feel which may help bring peace into your living environment.

It is also important that you consider different styles of window treatments. For example, do not go for all heavy drapes if there are already very large windows throughout your entire space as this will make it appear smaller or cramped rather than expansive and airy. If you have small windows then something like plantation shutters would be far better because they allow light to enter through while still keeping privacy intact since they are solid wood panels with slats across them at regular intervals. They can be painted any colour so decorating becomes an easy task.