Location And 3 Marketing Strategies To Build Your Business

Is your business located in an area where there is a lot of foot traffic? Is your business located on a strip that has a lot of attraction going on? Or is your business confined in a remote area that people can barely find? (because of MapQuest). If this describes you and your business, then there are some ways to improve your business’s sales and profit.The first thing that you will want to keep in mind is that it’s all about location. Location, location, location is something that is preached in the real estate business, but I think it can also apply to small business owners too. You see location is supposed to play one part of your business success – instead of using it solely to advertise your products and services.In this article, I’m going to give you some basic marketing advice that you can use to boost your sales and profits. In fact, let’s go to find out what the first strategy is:1) Make your business stand outIt’s time to do some clean up work. You may even want to redo your logo and state your business’s slogan under your logo. Take a look at the curb appeal of your business and see if there is anyway that you can clean this area up. Hang a big flyer outside of your business promoting a free offer of some sort.Make sure the mailbox outside of your business can be easily found. You may even want to paint it yellow, and tell prospects that your business is in front of the yellow mailbox. This will be a great way to let others know where you are, just in case they get lost along the way. Here’s another tip for boosting your sales and profits.2) AdvertiseOnce you have tended to your business and have straightened it up, it’s time to start getting people to your location. The best way to do this is by advertising in the local newspaper. Follow all rules of direct response marketing, and tell people the address of your business, and your phone number. Be sure to tell them that your ad is the one with the yellow mailbox in front of your building.Here’s another great way to improve your sales and profits:3) Direct mailNow before you start mailing to anyone and everyone in your city, make a list of the qualifications that you would like to have before spending money on your direct mail piece. After you have done that, go into the SRDS and start to find mailing lists for good candidates in your city. The list can be large, or it can be small – but you can find a list.Direct mail is one of those old-time marketing secrets that can immediately bloom businesses. Don’t rule direct mail out so quickly because of the increased costs of mailing a letter. If you can find a way to deal with these numbers, then I’m willing to bet that you can lose money on your first direct mail mailing – assuming that you have a strong marketing plan.Be sure to use these tips for having the most success in your business.Good luck with making this technique work the best for you.

Keyword Analysis Tool – Market Samurai

If you’re serious about Internet Marketing you will already be well aware of the importance of using a sophisticated keyword analysis tool. Market Samurai has been developed as a keyword analysis software to ensure that we have the best chance of success within our niche market.

And the beauty is it is available in its entirety for a free trial if you have never looked at Market Samurai I would advise that you do so as a matter of urgency, in fact straight away. This keyword analysis tool will save you not only time, but the real golden nugget is its ability to bring relevant information straight to your PC.

Admittedly it will take some time on mastering all of the keyword analysis software and its key functions, but it is relatively simple to work through after a few hours. We originally purchased Market Samurai through 30 DC and have been using it for several months now.

In simple terms it is broken down into eight subcategories:

1. Rank Tracker: this will track all of your search engines rankings for any keyword analysis, it will supply a PR, backlinks and SEO indexing and a whole lot more.

2. Keyword Research: this function will find all relevant keywords and analyse them in fine detail, this will make choosing your keywords far more relevant for your niche market, rather than a PFA (pluck from air). It incorporates filtering options and after a few hours is dead simple to use.

3. SEO Competition: this function gives you the ability to apply keywords analysis to your top 10 competitors or indeed your own site, for any keyword. It also has a facility which will show eight off page SEO factors and five on page ones, all colour-coded for easy reconciliation. Again practice makes perfect but one piece of software such as Market Samurai can bring all this direct to your PC.

4. Domains: this tab will locate keyword optimised domain names which are available to register or indeed it has facilities to find available and established domains which will go a long way to boost your rankings. Yes it is true that you can go to HostGator, GoDaddy or any other server but the beauty is Market Samurai enables you to do this all from one piece of software simultaneously.

5. Monetization: enables you to find products and services which you can promote via an affiliate program, which in turn will earn you money, I believe this is what we are all in the market for. Using this tab allows you to search products within ClickBank, Commission Junction, Amazon or Pay.DotCom.
Market Samurai even gives you access to create further opportunities to make money using blogs, banner ads or WordPress sidebar ads.

6. Find Content: this function sends Market Samurai out to research articles which are relevant to specific keywords, in other words it will search the web and select what it considers to be relevant content. It will locate news feeds, videos, blogs and much much more, which you can then use Market Samurai to further analyse for your niche.

7. Publish Content: this tab works with the Find Content function and together it will publish content direct to the web, and your own blog/WordPress site and others. You also have the facility of editing if you wish, alternatively just direct posting.

8. Promotion: simply put this function will go and find high quality backlinks opportunities for your niche and other sites which are considered authorities for your selected keyword.

9. Adwords: this function is not yet live, but we are advised that is coming soon. Once up and running it will use pay per click advertising strategies to attract visitors to your niche.

The above review is just a very brief summary of the potential power of Market Samurai when carrying out your keyword analysis. There are lots more functions and features which I would advise you to explore at your leisure. As I said previously we have been using this software for a number of months and we are amazed that when we speak to other Internet Marketeers a large number have never heard of it, now is your opportunity to grasp it with both hands.

Wealth Masters International – A Direct Sales Business Opportunity

Innovators wanting to start their own new venture might find the Wealth Masters International franchise an attractive proposition. The company provides training and guidance for people seeking to establish wealth through their own business.

WMI is a network marketing and direct sales alliance. Many people around the world are constantly looking for ways in which to enrich their lives on their own terms and schedule. WMI provides that opportunity. It allows individuals to initiate their own business with little risk capital, an uncomplicated business model, comprehensive support, attractive remuneration, first class marketing systems and a flexible schedule.

The company was founded by Kip Herriage and co-founded by Karl Bessey. Kip is described as a financial Nostradamus with fifteen years working on Wall Street assisting high net worth individuals to invest their money. Karl has a blue-collar background with twenty-two years below ground in Utah mining coal and then a top producing sales and marketing guru.

WMI is a company incorporated in January 2005 based in Sugar Land in the big state of Texas. It now has members and alliance partners around the world in more than one hundred nations. Kip and Karl established WMI to design a powerful educational and comprehensive mentoring tool to assist individuals reach their full potential as independent wealth creators. Their vision is to encourage success and wealth in individuals, one at a time. It executes this vision directly via its multi-media products as well as by encouraging the marketing success of alliance partners to attract new members. WMI equips members to build wealth, improve health, and attain wisdom.

WMI equips it members to succeed in both their business and personal life. It regularly brings together top experts in finance, health, diet and personal development. It combines these and other resources to create an extraordinary educational experience for its members. All invited speakers are tightly screened to ensure members are exposed to top quality wisdom and experience. WMI offers three structured courses, each providing a different cost and reward exposure.

The Masters Program is the entry-level program for prospective alliance members. It costs $1,495.

The Wealth Conference features alliance members attracted through the Masters Program. It provides them access to world-renowned leaders in a range of important subjects such as international geopolitics, economics, finance, life style choices and health. It costs $8,495.

The Private Wealth Group focuses on providing a rich self-development, and life transforming experience at a five-star resort. Participants again benefit from exclusive access to expert personal growth and wellness coaches. The program costs $12,995.

WMI members are rewarded via a multilevel wealth plan that provides immediate income and long-run wealth. Members receive three forms of compensation. Weekly commissions based on their own personal sales, monthly commissions based on the sales achieved by members they introduced down five levels and, finally, a bonus paid quarterly.

Additionally, Wealth Conference and Private Wealth members have opportunities to generate revenues through a variety of other channels.