The Power of the Business Card in Direct Sales

It can be said best by saying direct sales is a “numbers” game. Anyone in direct sales, especially commission sales, knows the more sales you make, the more money you make. This discussion will evolve around the real estate profession. However, the technique using the power of the business card may be applied to any direct sales industry.

In order to sell a product or service, the customer must be aware that you have a product or service to sell. There is an old adage, “You cannot sell a secret”, and it holds true in almost any industry.

New sales people may find selling a product or service even more challenging. They have not built a reputation and usually do not have the marketing dollars to spend on marketing and advertising. It also becomes very costly to market or advertise in publications, magazines, or newspaper ads.

The following story will amaze you. Twenty years ago when I first began my real estate career, I received tickets to the Super Bowl game. When I arrived at the game I sold my $75 ticket for $1000. I could not resist! I did not want to return home so I went out to the trunk of my car and pulled out a box of 1000 business cards. I returned to the long lines and started passing my cards out. In a few hours I passed the entire box of cards out to fans. Over the next 10 months, I quadrupled my sales and made over 6 figures, just from those 1000 cards.

It then dawned on me; the more people that know what you do for a living, the better your chances are of people requesting your services. I added this to my goal setting list, whereby I decided to pass out 1000 business cards every quarter.

Now let’s analyze the numbers for a minute. 1000 business cards will cost you around $100. If your goal was to pass out 1000 cards every 3 months, that is only 10 cards per day. It is said your ROI (Return on Investment) should be 7%. Let’s be a little more conservative and say our ROI is 1%. This would turn 10 new customers into clients every 3 months or 3 new clients per month. You could go as far to say this would generate 40 new clients a year. Wow!

Pass your business cards out to everyone, and I mean everyone. Your waiter when you go out for dinner, the Dry Cleaners, the shoe repair person, the teenage working behind the Taco Bell counter (Hint: His parents might be in need of your services), and the cashier at the grocery store.

The cost of business cards is lower than any other marketing or advertising cost and should be taken advantage of. This is the fastest and most cost effective way to generate leads and referral business. Add this to your written goals and watch your sales skyrocket.